Mr Stumble Stumbles

Don't hold my hands Seems like I'll drag you down Nothing exciting on my itinerary Just fumbling mumbling regret and stumbling * I twist in headaches defining success My best is worse than everyone's less God am I just a waste yeah a walking mess Mumbling please don't leave me to these thoughts coated in … Continue reading Mr Stumble Stumbles

Better Blocks

Taking a different path is difficult and uncomfortable, so let's repeat the same steps Let's walk into a room labeled dead end and pretend we'll find a hidden way out Scream how we can't do anything out of order And please tell me when God and my love became second place to being high You … Continue reading Better Blocks

Rivers Avenue

Dedication, turned into positive results And no one is stopping me but me Easily fold into very resistant to carries Half back, two wheels off track And I'm scared of my position with God because I'm comfortable being comfortable Thinking life is an easy slide, test already completed codewords easy as pie, bye Wanting change, … Continue reading Rivers Avenue