Six Inch Nails Of Hurt Followed By Nine Inch Nails Of Misery

Running from razor blades Running from any excuse to dive into nothingness Silencing my failures I'm not going to win - Running from sharpened knives Running from myself Cutting this vessel trying to find the real me There's no reason or help - I'm trying to live and love but there's reason to go on … Continue reading Six Inch Nails Of Hurt Followed By Nine Inch Nails Of Misery

Break-up Prompt

What am I holding on to? Concrete valentine? If I am worthless person, what does this say about my chosen anchors? Dragging me down, air bubbles are hope. If I keep this grip all is lost. Must tell them, must tell them my freedom won't be given away anyone. This isn't working out and no … Continue reading Break-up Prompt

Grunge To Edmond

I love you but it means nothing Same old excuses and I'm weak Splashing heavily to no avail Got out, I'm changed, flirting with endings She gives me hope with cold hands on my slippery throat I'm going somewhere appreciation shown in every quote Replace these temporary days with stability Fuck these bills end my … Continue reading Grunge To Edmond

Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?

Gonna burn well, I'm sure you're excited Willing to ask the universe questions, unfortunately not invited I'll settle into my personal pit, regret and torment forever That's how love works when you can get your shit together Honey I've prayed in nice churches, honey I've cried at many altars while searching for purpose Almost cut … Continue reading Poetry: Can We Talk Judy?