Garbage Post: Example 22

Fall back Where am I Two closed eyes Closed ears Stop every clock while reconfiguring who I am, yeah how I fit, skipping tracks, dull lights, empty days, bland nights, God Almighty will I ever defeat mirror eyes, enemies flaming arrows dressed as thoughts, corrosive lies ties buyer's remorse when I purchase doubt, what is … Continue reading Garbage Post: Example 22

Garbage Post: Marble Down

Sunglasses at all times, never see disappointment or regret, pondering tomorrow but today isn't through yet, why gamble all is random, wasted bets stupid anthems / I'm coming home refreshing refresh rates, cleaning mental dishes carefully considering my thought plate, late night assessments they cannot wait, pattern seeker, I. N. F. J scientist engaged with … Continue reading Garbage Post: Marble Down

Garbage Post: Contributes With Joy

Standing in humble backgrounds, humble smile, I see you. Others go on but I, ponder what you do. Trickling efforts adding up, story completed daily from lunch to lunch, coming to a boil, served for whoever you love. Quiet loving-kindness poured out, amazing, beautiful, seeing Jesus work through you. In the background, content, happy in … Continue reading Garbage Post: Contributes With Joy

Garbage Post: Clumps Of Fallen Field

Path of portraits left behind My action and word clothesline See what is developing from my dark room Snapshots of what I've done color prints of what I'll do / I can't trust my senses I can't trust my understanding Lies from within and without and what is everyone talking about Lies Deception Heavenly Father … Continue reading Garbage Post: Clumps Of Fallen Field

Garbage Post: Negative Mindset Syndrome On Paper

Crying pen Are you weeping again It's past time to dry tears and be permanent yeah steadfast. Aren't you tired of running, ink? Bleeding on page after page drama on stage. / Purge thoughts of a sure thing found uncertain Open forgotten windows after opening stiff curtains Spring clean during winter months Make room for … Continue reading Garbage Post: Negative Mindset Syndrome On Paper