Scrambled Face Down

Don't end face down Without a single reason to turn over Tempting to freeze Lacerations on wrists Swept under currents of I'm tired Lungs filled of fetal position cries Dragging flesh through hoops Awaiting anything but now Liquor easing face down living. / Throwing up everything only to swallow See what's left in inside Swearing … Continue reading Scrambled Face Down

Sea Boundary

An unconquered sea. Terrifying unknown demanding classification and immediate attention. Where whispers find homes and strengthen qualifications, maybe lowered volumes and darkened rooms will bring a sturdy all-purpose light aiding in discovery. Only way to learn is learning it all yeah even in the darkest spaces ignored full of neglect spiders in webs. Scary from … Continue reading Sea Boundary

Dismay Package

Ears busy mind dizzy anger and frustration calling in sinister calm whispers focus lost it's getting worse Until end I pretend driving off roads back again destination never fully discussed perhaps all efforts a blackjack bust over Improvising among shriveling energy what's clear uncleanly I'm empty pulling light trigger hatred displayed or display of dismay … Continue reading Dismay Package