She Is Satisfied

Go ahead I'll just settle on whatever you want . Even my time is yours Guess I'll have mine, sleeping . Go ahead Pick whatever you want I shouldn't have any space Or I do when I'm not awake she yells Hell's bells . Cover my intuition in dirt She can't understand why I don't … Continue reading She Is Satisfied

Communication assignment for class

Basic communications among people is something you would think most people know but they do not. As we all know words have been called because of lack of communication and yet because of abnormalities in our lives when learning, sometimes we never learn the correct ways of doing things. Fear is one of my greatest … Continue reading Communication assignment for class

“Policy Restrictions”

Galaxies between us without working transportation crippled communication lines Touching doesn't feel acceptable anymore Months of self pleasure while trying negotiations unrealistic terms Global positioning system unable to find where she is Taking away the vulnerability in our eyes as I thrust will not accomplish anything positive A message lost transmission unavailable Withholding key support … Continue reading “Policy Restrictions”