Garbage Post: Highest Ears

Although I feel the furthest far, no engine, no gasoline, windows locked up, it's not true Horror filled clouds pouring fear decay to any confidence felt I want to hide yeah, sit days out, gather resources instead of doubts God, will you wrap your words within so I'll see you grin Let me see as … Continue reading Garbage Post: Highest Ears

Garbage Post: Get Over Thy Self

They want a finished product but I'm always under construction, analyzing in real-time, spreadsheet PowerPoint testing functions Better than repairs, a new creation, renewing the mind outside the cave of limited human understanding, battling fleshly desires, that black tar Praising God Almighty, praising Jesus Christ, hated because I'm not in love with worldly advice, they … Continue reading Garbage Post: Get Over Thy Self

Garbage Post: Move On Friend

A mutual agreement, two little boxes. Putting each other away, time to settle losses. Brighter days are here, let's put away our old ones, it's past time. Never thought I'd pack reminders of you but I must. / Six miles shouldn't turn into seven, questions upon questions we're kidding, tell me why we should remain … Continue reading Garbage Post: Move On Friend

Garbage Post: Panic Comfort Room

Comfort zone retreat You stay, never wanting to leave But I want to see you Communicating closed, until it's late Tied up, until you're bored Easy sailing aboard Simple ways and life, away In that easy comfort zone, challenges are contained Better not, step out, or else, risks might soil your shirt Stay, but I'm … Continue reading Garbage Post: Panic Comfort Room