Share Days With

Hours at sea in bed tossing and turning to creaking speaking while sleeping we've decided to show each other favorite windows no one else knows. See where we respect life ponder death get uneasy stomachs before challenging days maybe cry silently when we pray feel numerous ways listening to birds give God praise. Hoping we … Continue reading Share Days With

Flaws And All Audio

Relationships cause me to marvel at humanity. How we can go from complete strangers to acquaintances to friends to best friends to one flesh. Exposing our inner worlds to someone who was just a stranger "seconds" ago. Now they live in our heads, possibly forever. Billboards, posters, advertisements, trailers of the future, flashbacks of the … Continue reading Flaws And All Audio

“Dry Sheets”

I want to be intimate daily with mind and handsTongues and genitaliaWinks and words But she waits on the perfect time and conditionsWhile I slip away to the window and look elsewhereThen I close the blinds with my head downI wish passion stopped living in the need category A friend said I talk about sex too muchLook … Continue reading “Dry Sheets”