Promise Stickers

Peel our promises away You're unreliable and I laugh at my error of loving you Okay I'm angry right now so here I am scribbling my doubt Laughing at how add more time between us Clueless You ask why I'm upset like you don't get what's wrong with your absence I wish I could forget … Continue reading Promise Stickers

Ron’s Running

She wanted him home but he was too busy, obligations, I need room so be patient, he'd say this every other day. Oh you can wait, go out don't worry about washing plates, what's your hurry anyhow? Bed getting colder, dissatisfaction mounting shoulders, excitement passing away. / Praying she asked for forgetfulness, fog over their … Continue reading Ron’s Running

Magic Eraser Evening

Underneath a steaming collar hide my expectations so if they fail happy boat abandonment can be private you had me excited flames ignited then snow came, My shoulders weakened heart rate elevated shrieking into a pillow got me again should have seen it coming now it's time for me to reply it's okay ain't this … Continue reading Magic Eraser Evening

Share Days With

Hours at sea in bed tossing and turning to creaking speaking while sleeping we've decided to show each other favorite windows no one else knows. See where we respect life ponder death get uneasy stomachs before challenging days maybe cry silently when we pray feel numerous ways listening to birds give God praise. Hoping we … Continue reading Share Days With

U Turn You Turn

I hope we're not driving Asking God for directions Ignoring mile markers Lighted exit signs passed over Rest areas avoided Falling asleep Instead of paying attention. * Sometimes I think we're out of gas Swerving without reason about to crash Simply driving eyes closed hands on the dash Sleeping with heavy feet speeding too fast. … Continue reading U Turn You Turn