Garbage Post: Glued Shoes Blues

*I imagined Oasis singing this* Unfaithful, she's in love with sadness Nothing I do can pull her away, she rather stay below Taunting her head with slow songs stuck in bed, face down She says I don't understand, like these cuts on my wrists always existed Honey, dear, stop focusing on what you don't have, … Continue reading Garbage Post: Glued Shoes Blues

Keyboard Strike Feeling

Slow to speak Within your reach Better to, shake my head and agree. I'm tired This isn't what I imagined Planets between us Universe and you're happy on the other side Say you'll be home in no time. I better find a hobby, a peaceful lobby To lose myself in reading and writing and living … Continue reading Keyboard Strike Feeling

With Judy Renee

Bad living brings a worse death, Checked every jar around my house finding no time left, Hiding misery written on a shiny death sentence, Crutches hid well don't want pity as an offensive defense. * Spend time sparingly, might not be far off before lost knees, Walking over sacred plans, canceled dreams abandoned in quicksand … Continue reading With Judy Renee

Tomorrow Cannot Be Missed

Tomorrow Is here The same shit As yesterday I await Rescue efforts As if Someone cares Madness Is sneaky Waiting for my Mistakes Talking me Into the grave My whole life I've been scared of not being good enough for anyone at anytime Cutting Doesn't work Drugs Run out Sex I can't get enough Tears … Continue reading Tomorrow Cannot Be Missed