Better Stop Believing Her

Plain face times

What an expression

Yeah I’m done

But you need it spelled


Here’s my confession

I’m over this

Few pieces left I’ll resist

Time spent where deserved

Then you’re out

Meter reading confirmed

Doctor said stay away

You’re so sick

It’s rubbing off

So I’ll try isolation

Removing this irritant

Plain face

Emotions shifted you’re no longer gifted

Bitter lines

Changing my locks

Bet it’ll make hurt stop


Saving best for recovery

More important things than I so bye I’ll try another

She wanna stick to walls way after dismissal

Watching my suffering pretending cruelty is being considerate

People kill hearts brutal without clues

Hope in a better lover’s head

Memory filled long and short loving support

I’m here though meantime changing locks

Plain face time

Already gone looks

Ready to relocate delete contacts

Unhook hooks erase name in books

Value they always show your value

Move among never settle or sit

Get comfortable get hit knocked didn’t expect shit

Human behavior

Stoicism written on bedsheets now I wake

Beating my head into bathroom mirrors

Trusted the wrong one again.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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