Before The Breakthrough Comes The Breakup

Anger or bitterness to anyone I’ve desired is foolishness and dwelling upon such things would be a great fault

Think I’ll pass on salt as I have better days ahead I don’t walk forward with a lowered head there is a greater reward coming

If anyone arrives they’ll arrive on time focus tighter with a greater prize already shipped I’ll eat alone without care for those I called but missed this upcoming table prepared to present the main dish bliss

Gotta walk alone to get it together

Walk alone to see what they really mean when saying they love you oh is it true or is it really what I can do for you I rather sit alone

Throw me away confident in your decision so I can be confident in denying any connection after the fact I love stories like this rising after being face down flat

Don’t be angry when they leave


Can’t say I owe you a penny now salt-free diet I’ll pass hurts but won’t last gotta walk alone to get it together

I’ll even stop praying for your return



Don’t look back you won’t see my eyes and I’ll stay busy with so much work to do.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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