Garbage Post: Functions Surround

Edmond has many issues

Done despicable things

Doesn’t deserve any mercy

Far from worthy of Holy compassion

Still a work under construction

Vessel preparation for great functions

He’s happy God sent Jesus while we were yet enemies

The King of Kings’ sacrifice enables massive benefits

Renewed and cleansed by the word

Prayers received we fill God’s inbox

Time has accelerated and before it stops

We pray humbleness abounds in us nonstop.


Circumstances still surround

We will abound in the true light pray for instruction

Teach us how to put on and wear the armor

Pull down mental strongholds

Walk on water looking at our savior instead of wind

Talk is a thin paper

Help us present Spiritual fruit a doer with dirty boots



Enemy laughing now God Almighty give him the bad news forever

God works us me to both will and do of his good pleasure

He’s supreme ultimate long-suffering sovereign clever

The ultimate author with all authority

Satan gives immediate pleasures made of wind

So those who worship the creature says God’s power is none or a thin film

Alpha and Omega always has and always will win

Though they hold hands as if Jesus hasn’t already defeated sin


And yeah Edmond has issues taller than the sky

Nothing is too hard for God and he cannot lie

They can destroy the body but God has his soul

His prayer is to never forsake the Almighty by letting his heart grow cold.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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