United Pipeline

God Almighty do a work in this jerk I’m less than less, possibly the only flunkie of every test see my best gives no rest and I’m always under stress because I know better, should be your best friend however I’m not clear of anything, if you gave me a halo I’d say um I don’t think so because what do I know, swear I only learn in slow-mo chopped and screwed fastened tight but unglued, lighten the mood with sensuality, ask me how it works, it doesn’t, now I feel good for nothing, aimless but steady aiming, shooting baskets airballs flaming, I don’t care if men ignore me I just don’t want my God to say I’m boring start snoring while cold tears pouring, pray for me.

They say I’m wasting time, this life lived in a good job and bank accounts, friends, gold, women, clothes, all vacuums without adequate hold, curtains out then a nap, I’ll blackout forever without any point, without measure, how clever the Matrix false doctrine it’s a shrug until you die life, Jesus Christ made me think twice as I see behind schemes scenes neon dreams, Satan promises it all in Hell what good is melted ice cream frying, hot oil while my anguish breeds.

I spit on former wishes to be accepted by the World this isn’t my home I’m an ambassador still learning the cause and enemies fully extend claws hoping I’ll pause then cease, watch out for a believer drenched in belief, bringing the lost relief, opening eyes worldwide under persecution I’ll pray you’ll stay faithful as the beginning of sorrows comes, only one creator we can run to not from, crumb by crumb be led to ask God Almighty for your daily bread, God I pray worldwide for my sisters and brothers to believe in what Jesus said.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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