Isolation Spit

What lies without restraint?

You don’t deserve love, whispered in the dark.

Never have, never will, whispered during the day.

Produced by the liar, but your heart is burned clothed in seemingly unquenchable fire.

The enemy says you don’t belong here, the enemy says go anywhere else and don’t help anyone during your departure.

You are defective, inefficient, words without power, life without purpose, always out of service, no.


You believe every attack, refuse any defense and you can’t stand stiff punches to your chest.

Day after day, shame spit into both eyes at the same time every thirty seconds.

Giggles, then, you’re not worthy of life, record played repetition whenever you try.

All produced by the liar, with your mistakes in an organized file.

Good people don’t make these kind of mistakes, therefore, count yourself among the rejected.

Winks at you hoping self-harm will fill turbulent nights.


See the patterns, learn his sick game

Even in childhood, was stomping hope, calling names.

Only one way, one truth, one life, to live.

Prince of Peace, I pray you open their eyes, please.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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