Sunny Shipwreck * Kidney

We’ll pretend this is exactly how and where to be

But a lot has gone missing especially communication

Under water trying to reach an ever moving surface

It seems time in private is a crime and time praying isn’t mine

Staring out to sea full head but nothing when I speak if I wanted something surely words would slowly leak


Change, change, change

Instead of laying in an open grave, waiting for my time to expire


I beg you, Lord, for concentration

Scatterbrained daily, or is it lazy, idle

Asking for help then I look out windows

Is it a time for rest or for doing my best, we know

Silence between us

Swerving all over the road , I can’t see

Thought organization eludes me

Writing with the hope it’ll be some super strong stout rope to you

Because for whatever reason I’ve been quiet this season and it hurts

You know it hurts



Clean up my life

Filter my eyes

I feel unclean and broken somewhere unseen

God, only you can heal my wounds

Feeling a little worthless although I have purpose

It’s like I’m back in class refusing to study, test scores ugly


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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