Easy Difficulty Settings

All is well so don’t look back upon my face.

Go ahead without caring like you’ve been doing.

Seems to me that we’ve run out of road.

Don’t know how to say your love is lukewarmly flirting with cold.

Great intentions, poor execution.

And shall I wait, abandoned at a barbed-wire fenced gate, expecting an audience with you someday?

Yeah, all is well because I’ve let go.

Pausing my life for an uncertain and unstable hand makes me feel dumb.

I would sacrifice myself to be with you and I know you will never do the same.

Perfect words are thin blankets when artic winds visit, chilling veins.

Undecided head spinning and hands fidgeting you’re tossed.

I rebuke your lying assurances saying I’m first but in every race, I’ve lost.

Let me make this easy.

Think I’ll go home.

Just like you do, you’ve never held on.

Goodbye, goodbye, have a nice life, good times, goodbye, goodbye, now you don’t have to try.

See, now it’s easy?!

Now it’s easy.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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