Cloud Nine Winds

Cloud nine, doesn’t have a moment to touch the ground

I’ll watch, because I’ve been this high before

Broken bones, if I fall back down

Looking out, for red flags that warn

Be mine, be sure before we touch

Afterward, I swear our connection will be concrete

It’ll speak, even when there are no words



Are you gonna be like everyone else?

Hurt me without repentance or positive progress

Be careful, I don’t want just anyone

I don’t choose just anyone.

If I see potential, I believe

In you, I need you to believe too

See I feel, good energy I like

But I’ve seen this before and burning my hands won’t happen anymore

Prove, you’re worthy of it all

Be rewarded, with love better than you’ve dreamed



We sacrifice and make time for those who are important,

Speak I’ll listen

Come to me you’ll be held

Abide I’ll abide faithfully

Don’t forsake me as the others did

Ask God of the love I’ll give

Try and test it until you can rest assured.

Know, my recipe is unknown

Care for you thoroughly, spirit and bones.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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