Garbage Post: Glued Shoes Blues

*I imagined Oasis singing this*

Unfaithful, she’s in love with sadness

Nothing I do can pull her away, she rather stay below

Taunting her head with slow songs stuck in bed, face down

She says I don’t understand, like these cuts on my wrists always existed

Honey, dear, stop focusing on what you don’t have, what you lost

It’ll never come back, let’s find ways to detach from the past

Running your circuit hasn’t helped, bathing in shame just makes a bigger mess

This isn’t to weigh you down or dismiss what you are going through

Come on through but don’t stay still.


I never thought I’d want to live

Never thought my life mattered at all

Stood up in confidence but they laughed when I fell yeah would fall

Stood still for several years, didn’t want to breathe but I crawled

Away from the fire, away from thick smoke

Trying my best even though it felt like a bad joke

And I want you to want to move because I promise you there’s hope.


Don’t kiss an unknown future bye

I hate saying anything, it sounds cliche and cheesy, I can’t lie

When my friends and family tried to pick me up I quietly ran away

Don’t be unfaithful to yourself, amplified emotions are a lie like thickened scales on eyes

Even breathing seems unfair, lies broadcasted in the head saying you are wasting air

And where is it coming from, when did we start hating ourselves

Don’t fall in love with your sadness, don’t you rest in its arms, don’t shake your head defeated, don’t think my love is gone.


And I want you to want to move

Can’t stand what the enemy is doing to you

I’m afraid every time I go to sleep

That you’ll think your death will be life to me

Don’t stay in the darkness, come through.

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