Purple Sherbet


Why do think about me, I always color outside of lines and get involved in every bit of nonsense I can find, smile as I throw away opportunities to the wind then cry pondering the appearance of binds

Still concerned I’ll just miss, hear echoing boos get hissed, payment for actions served as a cold dish, absent from the book of life just missed, out of water in the desert lost fish, I think about what I do, it colors me deep sea doubtful blue, the silence of testing runs me through


Kneel instead of peel as there’s no good thing in me, examine what I feel, pray more discovering why I’m sealed with the Holy Spirit, read the Bible and actually live it, give it my attention as I’ve been blessed I’ve been gifted


I’m hard-headed, do you have patience for me, especially during seasons like this when it’s belief over what I see, clearly all insecurities aren’t regarding your side, I’m the one dealing with foolishness and deadly pride, without you I can do nothing together we ride.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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